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Shannon Wine


My Teacher’s Resume’ :


-Assistant Lighting Director at KTBW Ch 40.

Camera, Floor Director and Master Control \ Master Control @ KTVZ Ch 21 /

40 years of Photography /

Videographer, Music Videos, Charity Fundraiser Videos, Corporate Training Videos /


-Host, Central Oregon Film Festival & Music in the Park

-I have an artist promotion website,

-Oddly enough, I am a barista and connoisseur of fine coffees 🙂



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About Me :


In the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, you find the creation of …  “LIGHT”.   

Gen. 1:3 – “And God said, ‘Light Be’. And Light was.”

I have always loved LIGHT in all of its many forms.  You notice that a nature scene will look entirely different… one hour later. And, you will probably never be able to recreate a picture exactly the same way twice–especially if you are incorporating natural light into it!

The possibilities are endless.

I also love art and music, and I love creative expression.

The majority of my life I have diligently pursued my passion of photography. Later on, I indulged in learning more about creating music videos and short films/videos for artists–and also creating teaching/fundraising videos for corporate and charity projects.


(See the video below for more details of my Professional Background in Video, Film & Photography)

I love filming in the evening sun!

One of many attempts to photograph a snowflake!!!


My Professional Background in Video, Lighting, Film & Photography



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Lighting Basics: Concepts of How Light Works - Understanding Lighting for Video & Photography

Lighting Basics: Concepts of How Light Interacts with Cameras & Lenses + 3-Pt Lighting Ideas


Lighting Basics - Daytime Studio: How to Successfully Light a Model for Video, Film and Photography

Lighting Basics - Evening Studio: How to Create Attractive Lighting for Models + 3-Point Lighting



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